Can Cats Drink Orange Juice

Cats are a bit unpredictable in their food choices. Cat owners have influenced what cats eat through the constant sharing of their food with their kitties. Most cats are indifferent towards fruits, though your cat is likely to be intrigued as you swallow that glass of cold orange juice. Can cats drink orange juice?

Can cats drink orange juice?

The answer to this question is a simple no. Cats are carnivores and usually show little or no interest in orange juice. Cats also lack sweet tooth and are unable to identify sweet taste in any food. Therefore, regardless of the sweetness that orange juice has, your feline friend will remain aloof.

Specific concerns with giving your cat orange juice

 Orange juice has a high concentration of citric acid. The acid can irritate your cat’s gut and cause diarrhea and vomiting. Citric acid may eventually lead to chronic stomach complications. Orange juice also contains essential oils such as linalool and limonene. Cats cannot metabolize these oils. As a result, the oils are toxic to them. Again, the presence of psoralens in the juice may subject your furball to depression and increased skin sensitivity to sunlight.

Orange juice is heavily packed with sugars that do not benefit your cat. These sugars cause dental problems, increased sugar levels, and damage to internal organs. Your mouser can become also allergic to oranges and exhibit side effects just by being near an orange smell. You should not panic just because your cat has swallowed a considerable amount of orange juice. Instead, monitor your kitty closely for signs of citrus poisoning. If there are persistent symptoms, visit the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. 


The answer to the puzzle, “Can cats drink orange juice?” is a clear no. Orange juice should be kept as far away as possible from cats. It is better to refrain from sharing that tasty orange juice with your mouser than to be sorry. 

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