Understanding Your Cat; Why Do They Like to Bite Your Nose

If you’re anything like me, you love your cat more than life itself sometimes. You live for the fun and comfort of your cat, which is why you try so hard to understand them and the behaviors they exhibit. One particularly strange and exciting behavior you might be curious about is why does my cat bite my nose? There are three different reasons why your cat might want to bite your nose, which includes a sign of affection; it is also a territorial mechanism as well as a way of showing it’s dominance.

Sign of Affection 

 Your cat feels a strong connection with you and loves you just as much, if not more than you love them. They need to find a way to show you that they are connected to you and want your affection as much as you love giving it to them. By biting your nose, in their mind, they are reassuring you that they still want to be seen and recognized by you, and they feel as though you benefit from this interaction too. Just a small little nibble is all it takes for them to feel close to you and in your face enough that you are aware of their feelings and their presence. 

Territorial Mechanism 

 Cats also use the nose biting behavior as a way of marking their territory, because you, as their owner, are in fact, their territory. They want both you and any other person or animal in that house to know that you are their owner, and you belong to them. It’s rather cute actually to think that since you own your cat, your cat also wants to feel like they own you as well. 

Showing Dominance 

 Finally, your cat may feel the need to nibble on your nose as a way to show his or her dominance over you and the house. It sounds funny because you and I both know that the cat does not rule the roost, but cats, however, like to think that they do. By biting its owner’s nose, they are showing a dominant behavior towards you to put you in your place according to cat logic, hopefully. 

 So as you sit there wondering why does my cat bite my nose, remember these adorable, fun reasons as to why your cat is doing what he or she is doing and maybe next time, just let him! They will be happy that you are allowing them to communicate with you and show them the respect and communication back in return. Cats will be cats, and we will always love them.

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