Why is my Cat limping all of a Sudden?

It could be many things. It might be as a result of the common habits that you normally observe of your cat. This can be the frequency of going out, that is, how often does your cat go out?. its association with other animals like having physical contact with dogs and other possibilities such as overgrown nails. If your cat is older, it is likely to be affected by joint problems. A foot injury could also be the cause of your cats limping. To fully understand why is my cat limping all over sudden, let us examine some of the common causes of below;

1.Fractures and Breaks

Limping is apparently easy to notice though some cats try as much as possible to hide it from humans or enemies. This is the cat’s core instinct that can never change whatsoever. It is not difficult to notice when a cat is struggling to walk or jump on back legs which are a sign of fracture caused by altercation or an accident. Breaks can be minor or significant. While a minor fracture will not cripple your pet, a clean break will likely incapacitate it. If a fractured leg is left for long untreated, it will get worse.

Senior felines commonly experience fractures(hairline) as a result of falling off an elevated area and physically twisting. With fractures, simple movements are harder for your pet.

  1. Joint Problems Caused by Arthritis

This problem may take several years of progression before it manifests itself as an obvious visual sign. Arthritis is more difficult to identify. This is since it gradually worsens over time. Cats deep-rooted instinct of self-defense or protection also makes it difficult to notice the variations in gait. Arthritis causes joint stiffness in your pet making daily activities such as jumping and other movements very hard to perform. Simple or effortless tasks become so complicated for your cat to do.

3.Muscular and Nerve Ailments

Strained muscles and nerve problems may cause limping in cats. This happens in specific ages of the cats but all ages. Ailments that results from muscles and nerves in most instances are no very serious such that it takes away all the strength from your cat. But Can result in your pet developing a limp till the problem reduces or completely goes away by natural healing of the cat. Infrequent disruption or nerve pinching may make your cat to experience on and off limbs occasionally. A muscle tear is not a common thing, but it can occur in older cats due to high jumping over and over. This causes visible swelling and develops high sensitivity to touch.

4.Overgrowing Toenails or Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown or overgrown toenails can be a huge problem when it comes to jumping or if a cat happens to have badly landed. The bad landing may lead to twisting or bending of the toenail leading to an injury and ultimately limping. It is challenging to identify ingrown nails especially if your cat has longer fur that spreads beyond the foot. In this case, it is advisable to see a vet to remove the overgrown toenails and clean the wound with antibiotics to enable the cat to heal naturally.

  1. Injuries Caused by Fights or Physical Altercation, Bites, and Trauma

Injuries to legs and paws cause limping of a cat. This is common to cats who frequently go out. It could be caused by fighting, snake bite or even being hit by people. When a cat is limping because of an injury in usually raise the injured part especially paws. So it is; therefore, significant identifying the are it is favored by your pet for trauma if any is visible.

Insect or an animal bite to the paw can make your pet to favor that part. Bites from animals such as dogs require treatment for rabies.

6.Damage to Ligaments and Tendons

Ligaments and tendons can get the damage of your cat turns or twists quickly while escaping from predators or enemies. Cats injure their leg as a result. Older cats will get injured easily with their loss of abilities such as stretching and quick turning when attacked by enemies. Limps that are noted can get worse if veterinary care is not administered to the cat.


Infections caused by minimal cuts or scratches can cause a cat to limp, especially if several legs are infected. Minor infections can result in severe issues meaning it is essential to check occasionally for the presence of any abrasions or cuts present in your pet’s legs. Monitoring wounds are also very crucial to ensure that they heal correctly to prevent the possibility of future limping. Symptoms of infections can be:

  • breathing difficulty or changes in breathing;
  • swelling in the limbs or paws &
  • lack of more sleep;

To wrap up things, it is advisable to check your cat’s toes frequently for the presence of foreign objects and injuries. A small piece of sharp twig or blade of grass can cause an unusual movement in your cat. This could help you answer the question ‘Why is my cat limping all over sudden.’ Even if your cat does not show severe symptoms of limping, immediate care is necessary. Injuries or fractures to limbs must be handle with pet professionals.

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